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GambitBomber Open Question:
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Liza Wynkoop Says:

pregnant chicks are hot ?

PEPSILight Says:

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q03062010 Open Question:
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keptauh123 Says:

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homevitek Says:

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Frank Morris Says:

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Frank Morris Says:

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Frank Morris Says:

cocktail? wienie

Frank Morris Says:

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ctalker23 Says:

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Iluxa123321 Open Question:
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LucyToy Says:

If religious texts told us about the universe, then why did we need scientists to explain these things to us? The explanations we hear from scientists? are simplified versions of very complex mathematics and particle physics that are beyond the grasp of most guys to understand. Where are the formulas in the holy books? THAT would make me believe in some divine intelligence reaching out to us. All the religious ever have are shaky interpretations of vague scripture that could mean anything.

DaleRox Says:

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besarion Says:

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psixggg Open Question:
The City of Aurora is a Home Rule Municipality in the State of Colorado, spanning Arapahoe and Adams counties, with the extreme southeastern portion of the city G?T GUNS ? . M?RE ThAN ??U? ?N?W!
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Linda James Says:

Actually Cannon that was pretty much the definition? of an ambush

RaiNTalker Says:

I don’t think anyone involved with Maggie Q would need? help in that area, she helps a lot already © 2013 Aurora Corp. of America All Rights Reserved

bulanow Says:

The Aurora Police Department web site can be used to learn more about the department and see recommended links provided by the department"Click here" to see the Haha, if this pizzeria were to go under, it would bring down the whole financial system.. . Why? don’t you put the expenses and negative values in parentheses? I thought it was common in accounting to do that.

Bryan Kelly Says:

I agree with you! I love MJ too and wish I had gone to see him in concert now.. You know people always need someone to blame tho. Addicts put enablers in harms way all the time… I’m not pointing? fingers but I’m just not convinced this guy killed Michael Jackson accidentally or intentionally.

ronson Says:

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ksusha Says:

I am amazed your comment made it through Google’s spam filters! I had to enter? a freakin captcha for this reply! (because I used the word “spam”?)

TpaKTopucT Says:

aurogra-100 for sale,’Filagra use, side effects, interactions with other drugs. Buy Filagra online from an official certified pharmacy. Buy Aurogra online usa. Well ain’t nothing wrong with that. Also being British is not an “exception” its who you are. Be proud, fuck man I’m an USn and I’m proud. Let your colors fly but don’t rage war for no reason.? (Obviously)

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dangerman1999 Open Question:
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slesar666 Says:

That’s Mericia Palma in the commercial, she used to be on Texas? Walker Ranger…

Toyama Says:

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electrillla Says:

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