While enjoying the outdoors woman tripped and fell – she assured everyone that she was fine (friends insisted on calling an ambulance) that she just tripped over a stone, because still not used to his new shoes. She continued to enjoy your holiday despite the fact that it seemed somewhat “out of it” …

In the evening, called her husband and said that his wife was taken to the hospital (at 6:00 pm she was gone.) During the picnic, as it turned out, she had a stroke.

Neurologist later said that if he could get to the victim within three hours, that would completely eliminate the effects of a stroke.

Three basic techniques for recognition of stroke symptoms (SPDs)

U – Ask the patient to smile.

Z – Ask him to talk.
Ask to utter a simple sentence. Connected. For example: “For the sun is shining”

R – Ask him to raise both arms.

Warning – another way to recognize a stroke (in addition to those mentioned above): ask the victim stick language.
If the language of the curve or irregular in shape and sinks to the side, it is also a sign of a stroke. If you checked the victim a problem with the performance of these tasks, call an ambulance immediately and describe the symptoms to physicians who arrived at the place.

Easy inadequacy – it’s not a bad dream, changed reprimand – no problems with the jaw. Call an ambulance, spit on decency! Fractures of the internal resistance! Every minute takes a piece of the brain and the personality of your loved one! Manage to believe terrible, after all – than to deceive themselves.
Think of this posting, though if one day there will be little suspicion.
PS. Cardiologists assure that everyone who will send the text 10 people can be confident that at least one life he saved.

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