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This topic of conversation is hardly in the “top” of secular communion. However, according to studies, 10 to 50% of the population in developed countries suffer from constipation. According to statistics, women experience this condition is 2-3 times more often than men. The danger is not only the discomfort caused by the lack of regular bowel movements. Chronic constipation causes cancer and other serious diseases. To learn how to get rid of the pain associated with constipation, you need to understand its causes.

By the light of cases caused by temporary changes in the body, include post-operative conditions, pregnancy, and a change of scene (for example, when traveling).

Usually associated constipation pass without consequences immediately after the removal of the named reasons.

Heavier amenable to correction with the mind more “everyday” situations where apparent reason, doctors do not find myself as a person can not find the time and strength to defeat the “bad habit” of his body.

Sad to say, but 9 times out of 10 constipation occurs because of inattention to their health. Organic causes of constipation (intestinal malformations or tumors) are relatively rare.

They are diagnosed during a physical exam and to “get” mostly infants or very elderly people. If you have “found nothing”, but the problem is still on the agenda, will have to review the most simple daily habits.

Do you feel stress at work or at home? How often does your day goes ‘on the run’ in the stream of successive pressing matters? If your nerves are on edge, constipation or other disorders of the bowel will not keep you waiting.

Add to that the constant lack of sleep, and it becomes clear why in the morning the body is not ready for this procedure (he actually sleeps), and in the evening so exhausted that … is not ready.

Meanwhile, experts are adamant: the most natural and healthy is a daily morning chair. Without pain and straining, otherwise it is the signs of constipation.

So the first help that you can provide your body – take it out of stress. But what if in the usual time trouble did not manage to establish a normal vacation?

Perhaps, for the sake of health and well-being is worth taking a week off to allow yourself to sleep as much as you want.

A bit unusual idea, but you risk nothing – as opposed to taking the medication, this method has no side effects.

What else does not like our intestines? A sedentary lifestyle. The smaller the move, the more you get tired. The human body is tuned to survive, and “sluggish” animals gradually eliminated.

You can laugh at this statement, but technological advances can not cancel the natural setting: the movement continues to be a source of life and health for us.

The best kinds of exercise for the “revival” of the intestine – walking, running, swimming, skiing and skating in winter. Generally, it is necessary to do something down. If your habitat is concentrated in the office – try to at least give up the elevator.

Let’s remember yet another source of life. Yes, it is water. Drink it to 1.5-2 liters per day. Just do not try to replace it with black coffee, tea or stronger drinks. Do you want a change – suitable natural juices, fruit drinks, kvass, jelly or mineral water.

Finally, we recall the power . Obviously, the menu will also need to be adjusted. The list contains all of our enemies “too soft” products: white bread, a variety of sandwiches, burgers and other “instant” meals.

Semolina is also on the list, as it is “decent” cream soups and cream soups. All these products are difficult bowel and promote reduction of its activity.

For proper digestion our bodies need fiber. Its easy to find in most “lowly” foods: vegetables, fruits, berries, bran and brown bread flour.

If you like oatmeal, prefer oatmeal, buckwheat or barley. Remember that recovery microflora and strengthens the immune system to help dairy products.

Without them, the intestine has to “tight”. Try to break the meals into 5-6 smaller portions. “Snacking” is not harmful. Not only sweets and biscuits, and, for example, an apple and yogurt.

And if you have already decided to embark on a healthy lifestyle, remember that you need to perform all of the recommendations, not just one or two. The only way to achieve the desired effect and to restore the lost bowel habit for morning cleansing.

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