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By | November 15, 2013

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nagluh Open Question:
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Lexaae Says:

Amazing. Awwwwsome. I don’t even want to check if that’s? real. TONY STARK IS COMING

NexTZooL Says:

beleza ele usou uma melancia praticamente sem caroco, um punhado de morangos e dois tipos de limao. estanho pelo que sei quando vc bate melancia com sementes e pra baixar a pressao, se misturar com suco de maracuja ai que baixa mesmo dorme por beleza, ja retirar ois carocos? da melancia e deixa-las secar e depois fazerr o cha das sementes da melancia, ai sim sei que serve como viagra natural Pro- Agra Oral Jelly is used for the treatment of impotence. Certify Online Shop. Tadalafil Black Pills. Tadaga-20 Oral Jelly. Tadagra Prof Sublingual. TadaSoft.

hannik Says:

Anything BUT…… “a delusional crack head?” ! That of course if you, Jerry, have any of the so much valued, and not so common, ….”common sense” ! :-) ) The writing IS on the wall. Unfortunately … to few who can read the signals ! :-( . In fact I? believe to few who want “to accept” the dystopic reality. Reason ? Too much TV, recreational & prescription drugs, alcohol, and, without a doubt,….. a chronic inability to “critically” analyze… THE FACTS ! :-) ). Sad situation ! :-( (

Shamill Says:

It depends on the religion. Not all religions require that it’s followers believe that their respective texts need to be based in actual fact. Some religions (like my faith Judaism) focus more on interpretation and lessons from the stories rather than? focusing on whether it’s actually fact or not. It’s irrelevant if they actually happened, rather the focus is on how the story can assist on the development in one’s character and moral values

Jekmynd Says:

too much inaccuracy about the hunza tribe. the eat dairy? every day of the year and chicken regularly. These results indicate that HCG has no effects on chemical and hormonal parameters measured and offers no advantage over calorie restriction in Go on a simple diet

Victor Mojica Says:

sey wut dawg, dam dat mi ol stomp groun, wher u liv at niqqa?. yall stupit think dat shit ain nowher? elze, needa see wher im at now tha ATL, shit jussa crazy NYC

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