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By | December 5, 2013

Que es Manforce 100

trolly Open Question:
Helping guys i? like it :)
-So, what’s? your favorite post?. -Cuntry Boner (Disco Viagra Mix) from V is for Viagra (Vagina Remixes). . Yeah, Maynard, thanks a lot for that awkwardness!
You’ve got to be f*ckin kidding me about this invention. Why do people keep inventing stuffs that could eradicate a population? Is the world really this insane that they need to sacrifice someone of their OWN? just to have their sh*ts done? I mean do they even think if they were the ones that have been targeted to be part of this weapon(this is still considered as a weapon) of mass destruction? For what? More power? Money? More killings will not solve anything seriously.

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pantoka Says:

very? very great!

Max Garabedian Says:

:) . Sim senhor? lol

Superman Says:

Have you ever tried Khols??? They have the “Simply Home” Yankee line I love the “Bamboo” from that line and a bunch others.

Anneta Says:

she’s amazing, very very funny :-) ?

GEORG39 Says:

u wish yo shit was bigg sorry i dont? suck losers

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