On the “Kremlin diet.”

By | September 6, 2013

One of the most popular diets in Russia is recognized as “the Kremlin diet.” Did she really gives a “magical” effect?
His opinion is divided Professor, Director of the Samara Institute of Nutrition and dietetics, author of monographs and popular books on the problem of excess weight Moiseevich Michael Ginsburg.
What is the secret of “the Kremlin diet?”
First of all, I must say that it is not original. This is a slightly modified low-carb Atkins diet, losing weight is well-known, “with the experience.” In “Kremlevka” all foodstuffs assigned a certain number of points on the basis of 1 gram of carbohydrate – 1 point. Because the meat, sausage, bacon and cheese contain no carbohydrates, is 0 points. They can have any amount. But one teaspoon of sugar – it’s almost half the daily requirement of points. A lot of points and in bread, pasta, cereals, potatoes. In fact, these products are not allowed. Severe restrictions imposed on this diet all the sweet, pastry dishes, fruits and fruit juices.
Trump card, “the Kremlin diet” – the loss of 3-4 pounds of weight in the first 1-2 weeks of use. Such outcomes are impressive. However, in many pounds of fat does not go away, and the water. She regularly appears in the lost and the depletion of internal carbohydrate stores.
Often this is the first weight loss becomes a powerful psychological stimulus for the desperate to lose weight. The mood is increased, there is a sense of vitality and creative development. In this state, the breakdown of fat is stimulated, and the case goes pretty quickly.
Unfortunately, this optimistic scenario is not always observed.
What factors provoke relapse? Must say that the ideal diet is not at all. And the main thing is not what it was this or that diet prohibits. What is important is how our body reacts to it. Essentially, there are three types of reactions.
The first option – the best. Man is set on a diet, feels that all is going well, and effectively lose weight. He struggled praises “his” diet and berates everyone else. Unfortunately, this development occurs in no more than 5% of cases.
Weight loss is much more difficult. A person suffering, hunger, and the balance show a more than modest results. Typically, this scenario ends with frustrating and rapid weight gain. Such cases at least half.
The other is failure occurs in the first two or three days. Those who do not strictly limit yourself to eating a lot. If compliance with the discharge diet was a fun experience, we would not have now expressed as the problem of excess weight.
All diets differ in different ratios of these three scenarios. For example, a “soft” diet will be less early failures, but smaller and very satisfied with them. The “hard” early failures will prevail. “The Kremlin diet” in this sense is intermediate.
But many believe that the “Kremlin diet” is the most effective. Why? I know people who have lost weight on it. But, in my opinion, is not so much a person loses weight by dieting, but on the urgent need to lose weight. And the faith that the chosen diet will help him.
Any diet is effective because it creates energy shortages. It is an established fact of science. “Kremlevka” helps because, in strict compliance with its inevitably reduced daily calorie intake.
Really? Indeed, in this very high-calorie diet allowed foods, such as mayonnaise, butter?
This question specifically and thoroughly investigated. It was found that in all cases of successful application of human nutrition calorie diets rarely exceed 1,500 calories. While normally a person consumes about 2200-2500 calories.
The body has some of the energy is consumed in the form of carbohydrates, some in the form of fat, and some in the form of proteins. And completely replace the other one nutrient does not work.
So, if excluded from the food much of carbohydrates or fat, reduced calorie intake automatically.
Can the “Kremlevka” harm health?
Scientists fear that the unrestrained consumption of meat and fat will progress atherosclerosis, gout, kidney function can be disrupted.
“Kremlin diet” can only observe in good health. So before the diet preferably be screened note cholesterol and glucose in the liver, kidney and gastrointestinal tract. It should not be drastically limit the amount of plant foods containing dietary fiber: vegetables, greens. The disadvantage of these products may cause constipation.
It is important to know when to stop. In the portions of meat – zero points, but that does not mean that at one time you can eat a kilo of meat.
Keep in mind that the sharp restriction of sweet and starchy foods can lead to depression, especially in women. The brain produces an important matter for our mood – serotonin. And it was worked out to the required number, we definitely need carbohydrates. Proved by the fact that when they lack in the diet increases the risk of fatty liver.
Deficiency of carbohydrate may adversely affect cognitive abilities, slows reaction. It is important for the people of intellectual labor.
Also consider the fact that observe a very “hard” diet is unhealthy and, most importantly, it is meaningless.
How can eat to weight effectively reduced? The man partly to preserve the natural regulation of supply. It would have worked, keep the man had a lifestyle that was formed thousands of years ago and did not change too much before the end of the XIX century. Fat “leaves” mainly during muscular work. The less we move, the less fat consume muscle. Accordingly, the more fat is deposited in the reserve.
This does not mean that you can not consume fat at all. Just 40-45 grams a day is enough to modern man to satisfy their taste, energy, and physical needs.
But there may be any number of protein and carbohydrate products, while maintaining a stable weight. This principle was established in the 90s of the last century and more recently confirmed.
The food – the process is largely subconscious. Satisfaction of power – an essential component of quality of life. Attempts to follow a prescribed pattern power often lead to lower quality of life disruption, overeating, and a new round of increase of weight.
Bans on certain products very often impoverish our body, which receives less vital substances. Increases the risk of various diseases. For example, a frequent consequence of diets with protein or vitamin deficiency is the development of immunodeficiency.
How to avoid it? There are two ways to optimize the power of proven effectiveness in recent years. It is the combined principle of supply and integrated approach to weight loss.
Combined principle recommends to be armed with just two diets – unloading and supportive. They need to alternate from time to time.
The task of supporting the regime – to prevent build-up of body weight. Impose any restrictions are required. It is quite feasibly reduce fat and sugar in the diet. Weight During the maintenance mode is not changed.
With regard to the discharge mode, it is recommended to construct as follows. In the evening, to add small limitations, mainly related to fatty and sugary foods. Morning and afternoon restrictions should be more substantial. Recommended mainly protein foods and low-calorie fruits and vegetables in a small amount.
In an integrated approach to weight loss, there are two important factors. One of them is known to all: it is necessary to increase physical activity. But many people forget about the second.
This is called a positive psycho-emotional attitude.
A person who believes in success and is optimistic about the future, increases vitality.
And also activated systems that break down fat. Significantly reduces the need for delicacies, increasing the intervals between meals.
An interesting situation – a person can have when he wants, he wants to lose weight and at the same time.
To maintain weight sometimes enough to observe a few simple rules:
- Restructure the power in favor of low-fat protein and slozhnouglevodnyh products. The basis of your menu should be low-fat milk and milk products, cheese, lean meat and fish, bread, cereals, vegetables and herbs. Fatty and sugary foods should be eaten in small quantities, mainly for treats.
Avoid bans.
Try to eat more often.
Eat slowly.
And then having to toil body bans “the Kremlin diet” will disappear by itself.
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PS. Draw your own conclusions.

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