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By | February 9, 2014

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cracir Open Petition:
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sikator Says:

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KOBRA13 Says:

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Templar Says:

Ha, your “silly punk” comment sure did get me! No, article is NOT the place to try and make a case. THE COURT ROOM IS. If you really feel like your rights are? being violated then why don’t you bring “your” problems to the legal court system. I guess if you did that though the judge would laugh at you and immediately dismiss the “case”. I watched only a small part of this article and you strike me as the typical left wing obama supporter that doesn’t understand the first thing in politics.

BOND534453 Says:

Should she tell her family and friends that her husband married another and her marriage is now polygamous? It is a question one of our very special commentators He doesn’t hate the song, he’s saying for people that complain about the song should shut up. Learn what someone is saying before you try to destroy? them with words.

WalDorFF Says:

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maskit Says:

Bravo! Bravo!!! Thank you!!! *****? Valentina, Russia.

kosya30 Says:

if i gave a dollar for every pixel, i would? have one dollar.

Kurt Bober Says:

Buy Flagyl online overnight where can order Nexium on line Sildigra overnight without rx. buy Priligy online without pills female viagra gold max cialis uk Boehner is a liar like the rest of the government.?

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