On a separate food and digestion of food.

By | September 6, 2013

Separate food disaccustoms us digest food.

The traditional combination of products, such as mashed potatoes with milk and onions together with a chop and pickles for some time now declared a terrible poison, rotting away from us in the stomach. Fans of separate food fights back physiologist, Ph.D. Rinad Minvaleev.
- If you have not yet offered to throw a plate with a side dish of steak and cheese is separate from the sandwich, I can congratulate you with an adequate environment.
This is just one of the amazing claims become very popular in recent theory of a separate power supply, the author of which is considered to be an American doctor Herbert Shelton.
Here and below, excuse me, but I will not limit itself in terms, because it will be about fighting ignorance, filling the shelves of book dismantling and brains of unsuspecting readers.

Oh how ignorant Shelton was in elementary matters of Gastroenterology (that’s right, and not otherwise!), But even he could not conceive that an outright nonsense, voiced by a great number of his books, his Russian “followers”.
Like, as in the acidic environment of the stomach to digest only the proteins, the carbohydrates in the form of potatoes or bread for lack of demand simply “rot” in the stomach.
And this pseudo-scientific “linden” suddenly became very popular in Russia.

Of course, to spoil your appetite can be different. You can chat in a bowl on the table to throw a neighbor, for example, a fly or something bad …
I can not vouch for the consequences, but the appetite will be spoiled for a long time.
A similar result can be achieved if seriously imagine how you have there in your stomach potatoes “rot”, while lying next steak is digested.

And unaware gullible readers’ improving waste paper “, which in the stomach hydrochloric acid concentration is such that at times can dissolve nails, and as a result, there is no” decay “of anything was there simply is not possible. Rather, it is the acidic environment of the stomach disinfects incoming food so much that we sometimes can not afford to forget about the rules of hygiene and “wash”, for example, an apple by rubbing it on his sleeve.

Such a relatively sterile environment is maintained and in the duodenum and small intestine. Bacterial growth begins only in the colon.

Whence came this wicked “joke” about corruption in the stomach after eating the usual mixed meal? The answer is very simple. Just scaring people half to death, you can make him believe in anything. The black – it’s white, and white – it is red. What burgers – a poison that ham sandwich with sausage should ever forget that melon – is generally something with nothing inconsistent, and so on without end!

So what is the fundamental error of food combining?

To substantiate the theory of separate food Shelton appealed to the known facts of the separate digestion of proteins (in the acidic environment of the stomach) and carbohydrates (in the alkaline environment of the small intestine), which is really just talking about lack of familiarity author of the theory of food combining with an elementary textbook on human physiology. It seems that the American doctor simply “forgot” about the existence between the stomach and intestine duodenum.

And in fact there are digested (Warning) proteins simultaneously (pancreatic enzyme trypsin), fat (liver, gallbladder bile and lipases) and carbohydrates (amylase different). That is, no “separate” digestion in the duodenum does not exist. Really hard to Shelton and all of his followers to take a closer look at any textbook on normal physiology, at least at the level of nurses? Then they would easily see that by its very existence duodenum completely refutes the whole concept of the need for a separate power supply “facilitate” the digestive system.

In fact, within the duodenum no conflict digestive enzymes was not. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates, together safely digested down to the fact that in severe forms of stomach ulcers in general can be completely removed by connecting the duodenum to the esophagus directly – and not much people currently live, digesting proteins, fats and carbohydrates with only enzymes allocated to the cavity of the duodenum! Thus, any serious “theoretical” justification of the concept of a separate food just do not exist.

I’m not saying that any of the so-called natural products, such as legumes initially contain all of these components together – proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Similarly, the plant protein found in potatoes (up to 2%), and carbohydrates are present in the meat (called animal starch – glycogen), etc., etc. And do not cause any problems with the digestion of “natural” mixtures of proteins and carbohydrates! About individual intolerance I am not talking …

Now let’s see what actually happens to us with prolonged use of separate food?

When we eat mostly protein, that stand out for their digestion related enzymes that cleave proteins precisely (pepsin in the stomach and trypsin in the duodenum). When we eat only carbohydrates, for their digestion are only required amylase – enzymes that break down carbohydrates it. All this would be very nice if after a while the body is not lost its ability to produce these enzymes in sufficient quantities at the same time.

In fact, the transition to a separate food detreniruet digestive organs because it does not give a full load on the various enzyme systems, leading to a well-known fact: accustomed themselves to the separate ration, after some time, can no longer return to full mixed feeding.

Usually, it goes like this: somewhere in the house or under pressure from relatives advocate a separate food, reluctantly gives “sacred” vow and agrees to eat homemade cutlet, cooked with love and knowledge of the culinary arts. After that, the follower Shelton gets bad. After that is already bad all around, because it is they – the wicked – slipped him the “poison”, which are used to “zashlakovyvat” themselves, and so on without end. As a result, all spoiled the mood and appetite, which again leads to more indigestion, participants interrupted the celebration.

And finally, all the odds – one with a firm intention never to invite this “idiot” in the common parties, and the originator of spoiled the mood with an equally firm conviction never to violate the rules of a “healthy” diet.

But what actually happened? What happened was the following: digestive gland in long-term revenue only separate food simply lost the ability to digest the mixed diet. Chronic under-utilization of enzyme systems digestive tract leads to a natural weakening of their functions, which manifests itself in the inability to cope with normal food!

And this is only the beginning of the disturbances in the digestive system, which are expected to have trusted this health-enhancing innovation. This is followed by gastritis, enterocolitis, and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which would not have happened if the patients … could not read and would not read that stuff, which is still some misunderstanding is called recreational literature! ”

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