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By | November 19, 2013

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Yazirali Says:

I am a kid who was picked on when I was young, recently went through tragedy. I feel like I’m creative but stressed, social but concerned about what guys think, blah blah so on and so on. Everything you have talked about in this series has hit me close to home. I really enjoy both of your styles of commentary. Not “really” enjoyed more like “I? am fucking ecstatic someone is inspiring”ly enjoyed. You two, honestly, have inspired me to become a better person. Keep on keeping on fellas!

CounterStrike Says:

Not HD? We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

ukkkirov23 Says:

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potapov Says:

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Jackie Cain Says:

What do? you think of Matt Smith?

Anaria Says:

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