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By | December 3, 2013


firelord Open Question:
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Saanur Says:

The only way you are going to change anything in the future is gather all the mothers and fathers and get a? class action law suit going. Please sue their ass so they don’t dare mess with your kids again.

romaorlov Says:

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Kathrine Pavlik Says:

God made it this way. Those who are first shall be last. Those who are last shall be first. Columbus did not discover US. Indians were there when he arrived. Thanksgiving remember? white US had unjustly incriminated every race through out history. Drugs were dropped off and distributed in black neighborhoods by white people. Willie Lynch your ancestor and bloodline taught the slave? master how to make a slave and play blacks against one another. Brainwashed amd conditioned black peopl

igor2010 Says:

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RADEON9870 Says:

Virginia,. I played Mephistopheles serious as a heart attack. Did you? actually watch the film?

nazar28 Says:

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Eminent domain? should be at best abolished and at the very least restricted dramatically from it current incarnation.

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