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By | November 22, 2013

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GCardinal Open Question:
I thought I’d post a little tidbit for all you fellow WordPress nerds and fanboys and fangirls. WordPress 3.3.1 just came out a couple of days ago but the Umad?? orthopedic surgeons get paid more.
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Edgarkvartal Says:

Oh look, another band with a “singer” who claims? he is the best on the mic, when that’s the furthest thing from the truth. Catchy riff, terrible lyrics.

IIetrenko Says:

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Maryno Says:

“When it is that hard to play in the United States…” YES!!! Exactly!!! This? time is coming soon I hope!!! When people stop working to watch Soccer that is when we will know the soccer has arrived for the USA!!

stason Says:

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vikycik Says:

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Victor Dicks Says:

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